Thursday, 27 November 2014

Pilgrimage meetings

I'm finally getting round to updating the blog with some poems I have written during my sabbatical this Autumn - and hopefully then some of the earlier ones I never put on. Here's the first, inspired by discovering that meeting people (on the North Wales Pilgrim's Way) was even more of a gift than watching the birds...


You begin to learn how
if you just keep your eyes fixed
on that tree, that group of bushes, where
you thought you saw
a flash of wing
a bright eye looking back 

then, drawn along the line of your attending
from branch to branch
a movement in the leaves -
- the bird will come. 

We also are great hiders,
wary of the world
keeping our vulnerable selves
safe in the topmost branches
or the deep hedge shadows. 

But I am learning how
if I just keep my face turned
towards your face, if I can -
I may then notice there, with eyes alert
(and other nameless senses)
the briefest shadow
or the flash of fire. 

And if I keep my eyes and heart so still and steady - open
with my attention fixed and fully given -
then down along that line between us
may come, slow inch by inch,
another such as I 

learning that here is one that can be trusted
teaching that I can trust this time of meeting
finding that we can learn to trust together
the one who watches us.

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